Dennis Wischmeier (Wischmeier Studio)

Dennis Wischmeier (Wischmeier Studio)

Artist Member

Lafayette, IN

When I see something that really touches me, I want to capture that moment and re-live it over again and share what I saw or felt with others.  My hope is that my work will stir something inside or be a reminder of a good memory that has been buried away.

It all started when I painted my first painting in High School. A short time later, I bought a few tubes of paint and some canvas boards and began a part of my life that is still as exciting and consuming today as it was back in those early years.  I have taken a number of art classes over the years.

I work from my own photographs to compose my paintings which are land or sea scapes.  My paintings are acrylic on canvas.  My style is a combination of realistic and impressionism.