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We’re the leader for arts & culture in north central Indiana.

We provide educational opportunities, outreach programs, and funding for the arts. You can learn more about our mission to grow the arts or discover ways to get involved today.

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We believe art is a public and individual good.

Want to be an integral part of invigorating the arts in your community?


TAF provides free and affordable arts experiences and opportunities.

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TAF supports the growth of individuals and organizations in the arts community by hosting professional development and capacity building opportunities.

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TAF disburses funding to organizations and projects across fourteen counties to ensure the prosperity of art and culture.

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Longevity and celebration of the arts are essential. TAF organizes events year-round that recognize the community’s creativity and raise funds for the arts.

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Want to be an integral part of invigorating the arts your community?

You don’t have to be an artist to support TAF. Individuals can support the arts by joining as a friend and direct contributor, while businesses and organizations can make a donation or participate in one of the many sponsorship opportunities. Donate Here >>

Volunteering is a great way to become an active member of the community. With TAF, you can help grow the arts by participating in one of the many events held throughout the year or assist in one of our many programs. Fill Out a Volunteer Application Here >>

Opportunities are endless with an annual membership at TAF. As a member, you will have access to our many resources, receive priority information on upcoming events, and full support for professional development. Become a Member Here >>