Contemplative Movement Practice

Contemplative Movement Practice

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Lafayette, IN

Contemplative movement practice (CMP) can be used to reduce stress, reconnect with your body, and explore your dreams, desires, and inspirations through whatever movement or stillness arises within you naturally. No dance or movement experience is needed, but an enjoyment of movement is helpful. CMP allows us to sensitize our spiritual intuitions, enliven our engagement with reality in the here and now, and cultivate our creativity.

Holly Jaycox and Andrew Brightman are deeply interested in the interconnections of movement and well-being. We practice, perform, and teach many forms of movement arts and are especially focused on community-based movement and dance practices.

Holly and Andrew have been facilitating contemplative movement practice together locally since 2015. Holly is a movement artist, choreographer, and teaches modern dance, dance improvisation, and contact improvisation dance. Andrew teaches ethical engineering of medical technologies and has been training in Contemplative Dance with Daphne Lowell and Alton Wasson for more than a dozen years including completing three years of facilitator training in 2012.