Caitlin Ritchie

Caitlin Ritchie

Artist Member

Lafayette, IN

My background is in apparel design. I enjoy making clothing and accessories out of natural fibers and using natural dyes to add my own unique, artistic touch to each piece.

I love the creativity of natural dyeing. When I start creating something I always start with my natural fabric and then dye it. Once it has been dyed I feel like that is when I decide what its going to be. Kind of like a blank canvas that has been painted, where I then turn it into something to wear!

I have always been very creative. When I was around 12 I attempted my first sewing project. From then on I have always loved creating clothing from a simple piece of fabric. I went on to study apparel design in college where I received my bachelors from Purdue and then continued on to get my masters in apparel design from Ball State.