Bowie Thompson – Stellacious Art

Bowie Thompson - Stellacious Art

Artist Member

Lafayette, IN

Bowie is a queer, feminist artist inspired by nature, relationships, sexuality, and darkness. His favorite forms of art include painting and ceramic work. Bowie hopes to spread love and open the minds of his community with every pieces he creates. Our physical world may lack color, but Bowie sees it everywhere he goes. This makes his artistic process intuitive as he lets the feelings of color move his paintbrush. He uses the most saturated versions of acrylic paint to highlight the intensity and passion he feels while creating. Bowie has been doing art since he could first hold a crayon. Art comes naturally to Bowie, so he taught himself how to create. He decided to make ones of his biggest dreams come true in 2021, so he started his own small business, STELLACIOUS ART.