Belinda Kiger – Bela May Pottery

Belinda Kiger - Bela May Pottery

Artist Member

P.O. Box 96, Linden, IN 47955

I am a potter with a small home studio, and have been working with clay for many years as a personal hobby. Almost thirty years ago, I began taking classes to build my skills at the Morton Community Center, and have since shown at the Tippecanoe Arts Federation in the ‘Wabash Potters’ event!

Pottery serves as a form of therapy for me, as I become inspired by nature and express it within my pieces. Through creation with a pottery wheel, as well as hand building several different types of clay for my various projects, I continue to pursue my passion of artistic elements in my work.

My studio, Bela May Pottery, has featured pieces available for purchase at the store Shop Small Handmade in Linden, IN. Here, I highlight various handmade pieces such as mugs and bowls!