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We work to ensure people and communities benefit from the arts regardless of location, origin, culture or economic circumstance.

Participate in Events by Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to become an active member of our community. Help facilitate learning and creativity by becoming an advocate for the arts.

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What does volunteering look like?
  • Help out with events like TASTE of Tippecanoe
  • Learn about how things work at a cultural organization
  • Educate students in the arts

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Support the Community and Donate to the Cause

Anyone can join TAF as a friend and become a direct contributor. Businesses and individuals that donate to the organization help fund scholarships, classes, events, and more. If you appreciate how the arts have improved the community, you can learn more about how to support us in facilitating more cultural growth in your area.

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Donor Privacy Policy

The Arts Federation does not share its donor list with any organization or individual. However, The Arts Federation does, from time to time, mail information about upcoming activities of its Member Organizations upon their request to Individual Friends of TAF.

Planned Giving, Legacy or Estate Gifts

For information about Planned Giving, Legacy or Estate Gifts to the TAF endowment, and other donation opportunities call (765) 423-2787.

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