ARTreach Instrument Lending


The ARTreach Program is an instrument library that provides access to music education for students who could not otherwise afford it. Through the Instruments in the Attic Donation Initiative, used instruments donated by members of the community are repaired and loaned to students for as long as they remain eligible and enrolled in band or orchestra classes. Thanks to a generous grant from North Central Health Services, every instrument donated (no matter the condition) can also be matched with the purchase of a brand new one. With the donated instruments, TAF also operates the Instrument Petting Zoo, which sparks excitement for music in elementary students by providing them an early opportunity to handle the instruments they can look forward to playing.


How does the program work?

Instruments are donated by the community, and those deemed repairable are fixed and loaned to students. Plus, for each instrument that is donated, a brand new one can also be purchased for the lending program.


How do I know if my donation is acceptable?

We accept any instrument, in any condition, at any time! Just bring it to us at The Arts Federation (638 North Street in Lafayette) and fill out an in-kind donation form. Donating an instrument also enables TAF to purchase a brand new one, so donating one instrument is really like donating two!

How is the program funded?

We are able to purchase new instruments through a grant from North Central Health Services (NCHS), with additional support from the Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette.

How can my student participate in this program?

Students can register for and continue to participate in the ARTreach program so long as they meet these criteria:
1. Enrolled in a band and/or orchestra class at a participating school
2. Qualifies for the free and reduced lunch/textbook program
Contact your student's music teacher for more information on requesting an instrument, which will be delivered directly to the school upon completion of the registration form. Most students join the program when they begin band or orchestra in 6th grade, but there is no age restriction so long as the above criteria are met.

How much does it cost to participate?

There is no cost to rent an instrument from the ARTreach program!
Students first enrolling in the program will be provided with an instrument, case, and the necessary accessories to start making music. After that, students and their parent/guardian are responsible for accessories like reeds, rosin, sticks/mallets, and any repairs needed beyond upkeep from normal wear and tear.

Which schools are served by the program?

  • Tippecanoe County
    • Tippecanoe School Corporation
    • Lafayette School Corporation
    • West Lafayette Community School Corporation
    • Central Catholic High School
  • Clinton County
    • Frankfort Community School Corporation
  • White County
    • North White Community School Corporation
  • Benton County
    • Benton Community School Corporation

If your school does not currently participate but lies in TAF's service area, talk to your student's music teachers about the benefits of joining the program!

TAF serves the following counties: Benton, Carroll, Cass, Clinton, Fountain, Howard, Jasper, Montgomery, Newton, Pulaski, Tippecanoe, Tipton, Warren, White

How can I help the ARTreach program if I don't have an instrument to donate?

There are two great ways to help the ARTreach program in its mission to expand access to music education:

Volunteer to help facilitate an Instrument Petting Zoo event! If you are musically inclined, we would love to have you join us to help demonstrate some of the instruments to students experiencing them in person for the first time. Email Sam Stucky ( to learn more.

Donate accessories. As every musician knows, the instrument itself is only the first step to making great music. Each one has its own unique set of accessories, from reeds for woodwinds to sticks for percussionists to bows and rosin for strings. These can prove just as great a challenge for disadvantaged students to acquire, but with the help of our friends at Quinlan and Fabish Music Company, we've put together a list of those items most needed by the students in the ARTreach program, organized by instrument.
At checkout, please select "Deliver to School" for delivery preference, "The Arts Federation" for the school name, and type "Sam Stucky" under student name.